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Custom Bike Fitting

Who is appropriate for a custom bike fit?

  • The beginner cyclist
  • High level cyclist
  • Anyone searching for comfort and maximizing performance
  • Anyone struggling with injury or pain

What is involved in a custom bike fit?

We will make changes to your bike to allow for optimum efficiency and power production as well as reduce the pain you may be experiencing on the bike. We will start with a thorough review of musculoskeletal complaints, history of injury, fitness level, and cycling goals. Next, a physical examination of joint range-of-motion, strength testing, and functional testing will be performed. Your body is then matched to the fit of the bike.

Physical fitness

Equally important to the way you and your bike fit together is your own physical fitness. Good flexibility of the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles is crucial because they generate the majority of pedaling force. Proper stretching, balance, and strengthening exercises will help with coordination of bicycling-related skills such as pedaling and maneuvering the bicycle.