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"It was amazing and reassuring when I discovered as a new Washingtonian in Port Ludlow that I found a place to help me after I experienced a lumbar compression fracture during our move.  Too much lifting.  I had no contacts.  Those professional health relationships were all back in Iowa.

So, this newcomer to Port Ludlow was so excited and relieved to discover ACTIVE LIFE PHYSICAL THERAPY. Dr. Michael Haberpointner first helped me through my initial issues.  It was hard to walk, get out of a chair let alone the car. Things progressed well.  I received an exercise plan for my homework.  Graduated.  Thank you Dr. Haberpointner.

Then I went “clamming” with my husband.  Exciting new experience.  But I twisted my back from sitting on a small stool counting clams for two hours. I couldn’t stand up.  Major sciatica pain down my leg with numbness. Back to ACTIVE LIFE PHYSICAL THERAPY.  This time I met Dr. Timothy Mansour. He helped me with a new set of goals, developed a specific work plan for my homework and monitored the changes carefully. Graduated last week. No numbness or continual pain down my leg. No surgery needed. I left with a balanced goal to increase my  endurance, specific exercises and limited medical provider prescribed medication.  Collegial relationships between the professions - surgery, physical therapy and local clinic are important.


The other aspect of their care is help with all the insurance forms, monitoring and all the scheduling. Their kind administrative staff are on top of everything. Plus, they know your name.


- Molly C.


 "A year ago, I was having trouble walking, doing daily activities and even sleeping without pain in my hip.  After trying other methods to correct the pain, I asked my doctor what he would suggest.  I was worried he would say I needed hip surgery.  He recommended trying physical therapy.  

     After an evaluation and hearing my concerns, a plan for therapy was designed specifically to treat my issues.   I was given a variety of physical therapy activities to help with my range of motion and improve flexibility in my hip area.   Active Life Therapy in Port Ludlow helped me by developing a regimen of exercises that worked in reducing and freeing me of hip pain.  

   Finally, I was able to sleep comfortably at night and move pain free during the day. Active Life Physical Therapy made a difference in my quality of life, and I can enjoy everyday activities again without ongoing pain. I will continue to be a dedicated patient to the therapy plan recommended by Active Life because it works"

                                —  Steve M.

"Active Life has been life-changing for me. After one more chronic ankle stress fracture and no available appointments with anyone in Port Townsend, Active Life got me in right away. People worked patiently and determinedly with me to fix it along with other arthritic issues.

After 20 years of countless sprains and fractures, I walk and hike wobble free. Everyone is patient, kind, and persistent. They listen to you, they observe, and then they adjust your exercises, massage, or ultrasound accordingly. Even the receptionists are extremely warm, friendly, and accommodating. Highest recommendation"

—  Jeanie M.

"Working with the team at Active Life Physical Therapy has been wonderful! They have helped me to rehabilitate following an illness that left me unable to stand or walk for several months.


Everyone at Active Life is respectful, professional and genuinely friendly. Their expertise and encouragement have supported me down my own path to a full recovery."

—  Pam A.

"Mike, Tim and the whole staff at Active Life Physical Therapy are great friendly, professional and caring. The technical knowledge and expertise of the therapists enabled  them to assess my particular situation (I had a fall and hip replacement) and to customize a program to meet my needs.


The location in Port Ludlow is extremely convenient for anyone in this area. I look forward to each session and leave each time with a feeling of accomplishment (as well as a list of exercises to do at home) I am making steady progress towards recovery thanks to Mike and the team."

—  Thomas T.

"Kudos for a great team of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, front office staff, and any back office hidden team members I may have forgotten.


Seven years ago I was fortunate enough to have found a wonderful team of physical therapy specialists almost in my own back yard. But believe me, it isn’t the close proximity to home that keeps me enlisting the Active Life team, but rather their extreme professionalism, knowledge, courteous and humorous attitudes (even under extreme physical discomfort they keep me smiling) and the fact that they have helped get my body back in working condition after several major surgeries and even the common old nagging back or hip pain.


Getting older isn’t a lark but the Active Life P. T. Team makes my adventure so much more possible, keeping me active and functioning. Thanks all you wonderful people. And that bravo comes from my spouse, as well!"

—  Donna S.

"I have been a patient at Active Life Physical Therapy with three different prescriptions for rehab/therapy in the last 2 and a half years. I LOVE the staff of VERY smart, competent, and diligent PTs and PTAs, as well as the admin staff. ALL are professional, efficient, and SO pleasant to work with.


This, of course, is a bonus because the work they do to bring you (me) back to "normal", or (their goal) better, and have always been successful! I still apply the "exercises" when/if I slip back into the pain pattern again and am successful in returning to pain free days and nights.


I am SO very glad I found them and they are located so close to my home. No excuse NOT to go!! You deserve to feel better today! Thanks Tim and Michael and everyone at Active Life PT for EVERYTHING!! I feel good!!"

—  Diane K.

"My wife and I were first introduced to Active Life Physical Therapy in 2013. Since then we have received quality treatment/rehabilitation multiple times.

It is important to us to maintain our strength and mobility, as well as eliminate the need for pain medication. The Physical Therapists develop individualized strategies to help us accomplish our goals.


From the front desk, to the Physical Therapists and their Physical Therapist Assistants, it is a team effort which enables us to enjoy our active life."

—  Michael & Letitia T.

"I really appreciate that when I need to go to Active Life, the physical therapists: carefully read the doctor’s reports, really listen to what you say, then prepare a thorough needs analysis based on that information and their own evaluation. In that way, they provide a personalized way to recover. The approach is very effective, and their kind support is invaluable."

—  Claudia W.

"I highly recommend Active Life Physical Therapy. Michael and his team helped me with my back and elbow problems, and now I am pain free!"

—  Scott R.

"Active Life has a very professional and caring staff. They are friendly and has helped me with my pain. I would recommend them to all my friends."

—  D & M Moyer.

"My participation with Active Life has assisted me over the last few years to be stronger and more mobile. The staff are good listeners, efficient, and caring. Thanks you!"

—  Patsy N.

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