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4 Tips for Pain-Free Gardening

Spring has arrived!

With warmer and longer days

quickly approaching, many of

us are more motivated to

spend our time outdoors

and in our gardens.

Gardening and yard work can be a great workout.

Easing into it and taking precautions can help you get the results

you want for both your yard and your health!

Warm up

Just like with any other workout, you should warm up first. Gentle stretches focusing on your back and limbs can help prevent injury. A brisk walk can do the trick too.


A thick kneeling mat or knee pads are just as important tools for gardening as your shears or gloves. If you are already dealing with knee or back pain, finding a gardening bench that can also convert to a kneeler could be a great option for you!

Keep Moving

Switching up your activity every 10 minutes or so can help prevent stiffness and pains that come from repetitive movements or putting pressure on a certain joint for too long.

Be Realistic

Especially at the beginning of our warmer days, sometimes we push ourselves too far by being overly ambitious in what we want to accomplish. Start off with shorter, less aggressive yard tasks before you try tackling those overgrown blackberry bushes or mowing your acre of property.

If you find yourself having aches and pains that linger for more than a few days after you’ve started sprucing up your garden, give us a call to see how we can help!


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