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Active Autumn

Happy Fall! Here at Active Life Physical Therapy, we are enjoying the changing seasons and looking forward to the holidays! Halloween is behind us, and our staff once again outdid themselves in our annual costume contest on Friday, October 30th. This year's Costume Contest winner is: Monica Wade! Thank you to everyone who voted and joined in, we all had a blast!


As we are transitioning out of Summer (when most of us are naturally more active) and into Autumn, we encourage you to keep in mind that our Physical Therapy providers can help you maintain and improve your fitness, even if you're not suffering from an injury or other chronic issue. As experts in human movement, Physical Therapists are especially suited to guiding your progress. Observing and testing your strength, posture, movement patterns, and range of motion can help them create a customized program appropriate to your needs. They can also help you to safely navigate past injuries and medical issues like COPD, heart disease, and arthritis while you strive to attain your fitness goals. Give us a call if you are interested in our personal training program.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay active!


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