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Have a Heart Healthy Valentine's Day!

Protect your heart, and the hearts of those you love!

February is American Heart Month,
and this Valentine's Day, we think
that the best gift you can give to your loved ones is your health, and to help
them maintain theirs as well.

Here are a few steps you can begin
to take this Valentine's Day
for your heart health, and the
health of your family.

1. Share Family Meals at Home

Valentine's Day is a special day for many, and often includes decadent meals at restaurants that care more about your taste buds than your heart health. We aren't saying that dining out occasionally is a bad thing, but that it should be an event, rather than a daily normal.

Eating at home makes it easier to control portion size and gives you control of what you put in your dishes. Simple changes can make a big impact!

- Sauté your vegetables in low-sodium chicken broth to eliminate the need for oil

- Top your popcorn with nutritional yeast instead of salt and butter (It's a low-glycemic food!)

- Add walnuts to your salad instead of croutons to get that crunch AND omega-3 fatty acids

2. Get Moving Together

While having an exercise regimen is essential to heart health (we can help set you up with one!), focusing on more movement throughout your day is important too. Before that indulgent Valentine's Day dinner, consider a more active activity.

- Find a short hike in our area you haven't tried

- Take a walk through one of our local downtown areas for some window shopping

- Dance together (Guaranteed to get you extra points on Valentine's Day - dancing in the kitchen counts!)

3. Catch Enough ZZZ's

Sleep plays an important role in heart health. Poor sleep quality is associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, and weight gain. Try these ideas to get the rest you need.

- Invest in black out curtains

- Remove TV's and cellphones from the bedroom

- Opt for an earlier dinner as your metabolism slows as your body prepares for rest


The topic of heart disease can be overwhelming, but we are here to reassure

you that whether you are wanting to prevent heart issues, or are working

your way through a known heart problem, we can help!

Call us today so we can get you started on your journey to a healthy heart!


References and Links to Additional Information:

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